Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to the GRIND and a food obsession

I head back to work this week, since the work drama has ended, with a few important things left to do before the children actually show up. I've been very lucky this school year to get a great new school with a very supportive staff behind me in my endeavors as an art teacher. Now I just need to get off of my lazy butt and write up my lesson plans for grades K through 5th with the theme for this semester, Grimm's Classic Fairy Tales. Working on a theme makes life much much easier when teaching.

 I've been on a cute trip recently after toddling around people's website such as Shrinkle, Twinkie-Chan, and Chubby Bunny, just to name a few. Namely its been Twinkie Chan's food lovin' creations that have inspired the piece above as well as a few others. I've personally created still life pieces of food in the past but never taken the time to shove it together with my little abstract figures. Its a good fit and hopefully I can apply it to other places.

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