Saturday, June 25, 2011

High Art Doodles

Sailor Moon and Self Portrait in Juban High School Uniform High Art Doodles.

      I've begun hashing out on what I'm dubbing High Art Doodles. High Art Doodles are exactly what they say they are - doodles, but we're putting them into a new context. Yes, the content may look like a random little doodle, fan art, etc but I'm juxtaposing images next to each other of famous characters with portraits of people cosplaying (costuming) as the character, etc such as I did with the image of sailor moon with my own self portrait in sailor moon's high school uniform. There's a lot of play about escapism or satire in these works but I still have a lot of images to make and things to hash out yet this is my start.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pika Pika - The first obligatory post

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a kid with a computer but instead an artist/educator, wife, and mother who has a penchant for nerdy things which includes the pikachu pictured above. 

So hi everyone, I'm Katie or as people usually go "Oh that Katie!" 

Yes people I am that Katie.  

So what is this blog about? Its about everything, especially my art, life, obsessions with particular types of food, toys, and all things nerdy. I love posting high art doodles, thrift store gems, and sometimes an obligatory fashion post. So that is basically a smidgen of what will happen around here so join the party and I promise no one will try to slip something into your drink.